thursday, 12th September 2019

06:30   Registration
07:45   Welcome by Monsignor Clement Bobchev
07:50   Welcome by the Congress Chairmen

Moderators: A. Goksel, B. Stubenitsky

08:00   Preservation Rhinoplasty – an overview, R. Daniel
08:10   My journey in Preservation Rhinoplasty, V. Finocchi
08:20   Warm up your hands: nose drawing and sculpture course and polygon concepts, B. Cakir
08:45   Surface aesthetic of the nose: a shadow based analysis, F. Gomez Bravo
08:55   Art & beauty, D. Rochira
09:05   Local anesthesia of nose and nasal cavity, E. Azizli

Moderators: D. Rochira, N. Vione

09:15   Photos standards, A. Ozpur
09:20   3D Mask, A. Murat Akkus
09:25   Photoshop simulation, N. Vione
09:35   3D analysis and planning, E. Kaminsky
09:45   Featured video case: planning and surgery, A. Goksel

10:00   Coffee break

Moderators: S. Haack, A. Kosins

10:40   Consultation conversion rate and patient pre-operatory preparation, E. Coskun
10:50   Advantages/disadvantages between general anesthesia and sedation, L. Cavazzuti
11:00   White bloodless rhinoplasty, A. Goksel
11:10   My tricks to avoid intraoperative edema and allow a fast recovery, B. Cakir

Moderators: L. D’Ascanio, C. East

11:30   Anatomic basis of preservation rhinoplasty, R. Daniel
11:45   Featured video case (cadaver dissection): You can’t understand Preservation Rhinoplasty if you don’t understand macro and micro anatomy,  P. Palhazi
12:00   Preservation rhinoplasty learning curve, A. Kosins
12:10   Preservation rhinoplasty in open approach, A. Goksel
12:20   Preservation rhinoplasty in closed approach, V. Finocchi

12:30   Lunch

Moderators: B. Cakir, R. Daniel

13:30   Elevation and preservation of the skin envelope, A. Kosins
13:40   Histological anatomy for preservation rhinoplasty, V. Patron
13:50   No good dissection, no party: subperichondral-subperiostal dissection, A. Murat Akkus
14:00   Multiple ways of exposure in open approach, A. Goksel
14:10   SPQR V1/V2/V3: modified cottle technique and how to use if without elevating skin envelope, V. Finocchi
14:20   Dorsal preservation, E. Azizli
14:30   Panel: technical challenges, tricks, when to avoid dorsal preservation (cases presentations on dorsal preservation vs classic technique)
V. Finocchi, A. Goksel, E. Azizli, A. Kosins, A. Murat Akkus, V. Patron
15:00   Q&A

15:15   Featured video case: tip,  B. Cakir

15:30   Coffee Break

Moderators: A. Boccieri, A. Goksel

16:00   Dorsal preservation: an overview, R. Daniel
16:10   Anatomy of the osseocartilaginous vault, P. Palhazi
16:20   30 years experience in dorsal preservation, Y. Saban
16:30   30 years experience with swinging door septoplasty, R.G. Mattioli
16:40   Cottle push down and let down operation, F. Lopez Ulloa
16:50   SPQR technique, V. Finocchi
17:00   Radix: hinge vs disarticulation, B. Cakir
17:10   Choosing techniques: high septal strip or low septal strip resection?, A. Kosins
17:20   Dealing with blocking points, V. Finocchi
17:30   Panel: selecting optimal technique
B. Cakir, R. Daniel, V. Finocchi, A. Kosins, F. Lopez Ulloa, R.G. Mattioli, P. Palhazi, Y. Saban
17:50   Q&A

18:15   Featured video case: high septal strip resection, how I do it, Y. Saban

Evening video class (optional attendance)
19:00   Video cases: E. Kaminsky, E. Coskun, J.R. Jurado

friday, 13th September 2019

Moderators: F. Gomez Bravo, F. Lopez Ulloa

08:00   Anatomy of nasal ligaments, P. Palhazi
08.10   Educate to think rhinoplasty procedure A. Scattolin/L. D’Ascanio
08:20   Conservative tip rotation by SMAS medial ligament modification, P. Giacomini
08:30   How to preserve ligaments, A. Goksel
08:40   Anatomy of nasal valves, C. East
08:50   Septum and progressive septoplasty, S. Haack
09:00   Septoplasty variations, F. Roselli
09:10   Skull base and septum: are we working safe?, P. Carena
09:20   Ethmoid anatomical features associated with CSF leak after septoplasty and rhinoplasty, A. Varini
09:30   Turbinates: these strangers, N. Vione
09:40   Nasal valve preservation, A. Regalado Briz
09:50   How to become relax during septoplasty, J.R. Jurado
10:00   Featured video case: swinging door septoplasty (3D model, clinic and cadaver), V. Finocchi

10:15   Coffee Break

Moderators: B. Cakir, V. Finocchi

10:45   Which dorsums are difficult, C. East
10:55   Indications LDO vs PDO, B. Stubenitsky
11.05   Deviated noses, Y. Saban
11:15   V-shaped vs S-shaped dorsums, A. Goksel
11:30   Rhinoplasty instruments for closed preservation rhinoplasty, E. Coskun
11:35   How to make perfect osteotomy cuts without power instruments, E. Tastan
11:40   Special instruments for preservation rhinoplasty, A. Goksel
11:45   Featured video case: power is nothing without control, preservation rhinoplasty set, V. Finocchi
11:50   Beauty and functionality effect of osteotomy, T. Sozen
12:00   Converting bony humps to cartilage humps, A. Kosins
12:10   Using piezo in dorsum preservation, T. Sozen
12:20   Ballerina maneuver for flattening the dorsum, A. Goksel
12:30   Salvaging the septum, S. Haack
12:40   Lateral push over for the twisted nose, J.R. Jurado

12:50   Lunch

Moderators: D. Rochira, Y. Saban

13:50   Tip anatomy, P. Palhazi
14:00   Polygon concept in tip surgery, B. Cakir
14:15   Alar preservation rhinoplasty: 22-year experience, A. Regalado Briz
14:25   Complete alar preservation, A. Kosins
14:35   Tip reshaping: my philosophy, M. Pascali
14:45   Auto rim flap (video), B. Cakir
14:50   Alar malposition, C. East
15:00   Alar malposition, B. Cakir
15:05   Scroll area management in open and close approach, L. D’Ascanio
15:10   Scroll repair and closing the mucosa: my way (video), V. Finocchi
15:15   Key maneuvers in preservation rhinoplasty, F. Gomez Bravo
15:35   Featured video case: achieving tip projection with septal extension graft and complete alar preservation, A. Kosins

15:50   Coffee break

Moderators: L. D’Ascanio, A. Regalado Briz

16:20   20 years experience in open rhinoplasty: what I learned from my experience and my personal philosophy for a balanced approach between reconstruction and preservation, A. Boccieri
16:30   Fluid cartilage: comparison with different cartilages preparations, A. Trivisonno
16:40   Decision making in preservation rhinoplasty: my first 100 cases, A. Kosins
16:50   High septal strip vs. low septal strip (SPQR), B. Stubenitsky
17:00   Pre op analisys and planning to avoid problems, E. Kaminsky
17:10   Featured video case: the deviated nose, Y. Saban
17:25   Spreader grafts/spreader flaps/PDO/LDO: personal evolution, V. Finocchi
17:40   Soft tissue envelope analysys and treatment, A. Kosins
17:50   Rhinoplasty and jaw surgery – best aesthetic option for maxillo-facial patients, T. M. Marianetti
18:00   Male rhinoplasty with preservation techniques, B. Stubenitsky
18:10   Q&A

Evening video class (optional attendance)
18:20   Video cases: L. D’Ascanio, B. Stubenitsky, F. Gomez Bravo

saturday, 14th September 2019

Moderators: R. Daniel, B. Stubenitsky

07:45   Incorporating Preservation Rhinoplasty into your practice, Y. Saban
08:00   Indications/contraindications, L. Badia
08:10   Introperative surprises, V. Finocchi
08:20   The little 3 problems, B. Stubenitsky
08:35   Expected post-operative course, F. Lopez Ulloa
08:45   Hump recurrence after dorsal preservation: how I fix it, D. Rochira
08:50   The big 3 disasters (not that I have had them), C. East
09:00   Managing major complications, E. Tastan
09:10   Perforation closure: mental alghoritm and technique, E. Tastan
09:15   Panel: minimizing problems, from patient selection to technique
L. Badia, C. East, V. Finocchi, F. Lopez Ulloa, Y. Saban, B. Stubenitsky, E. Tastan

09:45   Featured video case: how to transfer artistic insight into surgical results, B. Cakir

10.00   Coffee break

Moderators: T. Sozen, N. Vione

10:30   Choosing your first cases, S. Haack
10:40   What I’ve learnt from 20 years of teaching PR to residents, F. Lopez Ulloa
10:50   Which cases to avoid, Y. Saban
11:00   Which case to start preservation and which you still perform with other techniques, A. Murat Akkus
11:10   Advice to beginners, V. Finocchi
11:20   From my first 100 to my second 100 PR cases, A. Kosins
11:30   Comparing the forces of high and low septal strip techniques on perpendicular plate, S. Gode
11:40   Managing the dissatisfied patient after Preservation Rhinoplasty, Y. Saban
11:50   Building your practice, B. Stubenitsky
12:00   How to balance harmony between nose surface aesthetics and lip with ialuronic acid, B. Cakir

12:00   Featured video case, A. Murat Akkus

12:15   Media and Rhinoplasty, V. Finocchi
12:35   Q&A

12:45   Closing remarks V. Finocchi